The BEcome Project

The BEcome Project is a program designed to transform young women to live purposeful lives. The project targets motivated young women who have completed high school or an equivalent educational program to (1) provide advanced training skills necessary to teach young women how to successfully live independently when they age-out of the foster care system (2) create a supportive environment to help cultivate their dreams and aspirations and (3) focus on a path towards fulfillment to become and do what they were destined to do and be in life.  

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The BEcome Project In Phases

Empowering and equipping young women to BEcome who they were created to be

Phase 1
Developing YOU

Discovering - helping young women get in touch with who they are as individuals and as members of the larger community  

Phase 2
Maturing YOU

Coaching - helping young women secure a future in employment, housing, financial stability, transportation, building self-worth…equipping for a new direction in life

Phase 3
Completing YOU

Creating - helping young women build a future of their own design, living a fulfilled life, a life with meaning, significance, and purpose